8 Fun Things to do in Ocean Shores

8 Great Hotels in Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores

5 Fun Holiday Activities to Try in Ocean Shores This Winter

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Tis the season for fun! If you’re living in or visiting Ocean Shores this holiday season, you’re probably looking for some excitement. Don’t assume that things slow down during the holidays. Come down to Ocean Shores, Washington and try some of these fun, winter activities. 1. Enjoy the Beach Winter on the beach can be an intimate experience. Put on your best boots and warm layers, maybe grab a warm drink and head on out. Beachcombing is always a fun…

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Ocean Shores Restaurants

10 Ocean Shores Restaurants to Experience

If you’re considering a beach vacation on the Washington Coast, you should absolutely consider Ocean Shores. This small beach town is packed with nice hotels, fun little shops, endless oceanside activity. And, of course our list of Ocean Shores…


8 Great Hotels in Ocean Shores

Are you planning a trip to Ocean Shores and want to make sure you have great lodging? Here are some of the best hotels in Ocean Shores.…